Meagan & Michael | Engagement | Palm Coast, FL

Hey Everyone! Today on the blog is Meagan and Michael – or as Brian calls him so lovingly – Mayotte. To say that Brian and I are STOKED for this couple’s wedding would be a vast understatement. We’ve known them individually for years – long before we even knew each other. You see, Meagan and I went to the local performing arts high school together and Brian and Mayotte were in ROTC at the Catholic School literally across the street. And we didn’t meet our respective “people” until during and after college. So needless to say that we had a blast with them at their engagement session – and you can see it in their faces! Washington Oaks State Park was a near-perfect background (I’d say 4.5 out of 5 because of bugs)! We CANNOT WAIT for their wedding next March in Saint Augustine – until then, enjoy these gorgeous pictures (if I do say so myself) 😉