Kid’s Back-to-School Minis

Welcome back! I know I should be saying that myself as I completely FORGOT to post last week! My family had just gotten back from vacation and we were in that post vacation “I need a vacation from vacation” phase!
It kind of worked out perfectly though, because now for the next couple weeks I want to focus on the little ones in the family. School is right around the corner, and that means not only will the schools be offering school pictures for the yearbook but Clara Faye Photography will be holding the first annual Back-to-School Mini Sessions (complete with a chalkboard and antique school desk!) I’ve been planning for these mini sessions since this time LAST year and I am so freaking excited! Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have some pictures of your kids in a setting other than the boring options the school provides? I know I would!
Anyway, I’m getting off topic! I always LOVED the first day of school. Maybe it was finding out who was going to be in your classes, but more than likely it was because it meant I got to go shopping with Mom! Now that I’m a college grad, I’m sad to see my back-to-school shopping day go 🙁 but I can still plan for other people, right?! Right. This adorable set from Polyvore is exclusively CrewCuts from J.Crew, but AS ALWAYS you can find many of the same looks at Target, Old Navy, or the like! I just love J.Crew, I can’t help it! Next week and the week after will all be dedicated to different styles of back to school from school uniforms to super traditional outfits! So I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.